Exploiting fungi potential for recalcitrant compounds removal from cellulosic wastewaters MNET17/ENER-1143


opus automazione takes part to FUNCELL Project. It consists in the development of an innovative myco-based tertiary treatment for tannery and papermill wastewaters efficient in removing tannins and absorbable organic halogen (AOX), not depleted by consolidated bacterial-based processes. The costs of treatments for m3 of wastewaters will be reduced and qualitative improvements in the treatment of wastewater are envisaged.

FUNCELL is based both on modern processes for biological treatment (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, MBBR) and on biological nonconventional processes catalyzed by fungi [WhiteRotFungi (WRF) and Ascomycota (ASC)]. An innovative carrier, based on polyethylene supports, will be developed for optimizing the fungal biomass growth in system where bacteria are competitive.

Further information on the project is available at the following link.

This project has received funding from the  MANUNET IIIProgramma and Regione Toscana under grant agreement No n. MNET17/ENER-1143