It’s finished few days ago the implementation of the Impulse Test Bench, commissioned by a multinational OEM company in the automotive industry.

The client needed a bench to test flexible pipes of different shapes and sizes by fatigue stress. The test bench had to be able to perform tests at certain temperatures (-40°C + 180°C) and to manage 3 test circuits with 3 different types of oil.

Opus automazione accepted the challenge and it designed and built a customized test bench according to the specifications of the most important manufacturers and the following regulations:

  • Square wave impulse: ISO 6803 e SAE J343
  • Sinusoidal wave impulse
  • Free programmable waves up to 30 different points

The requirement to deal with the same bench 3 test circuits with 3 different types of oil generated two important characteristics, implemented by opus to ensure the bench safety:

  1. The test bench is made of a detection and extinguishing fire system inside of the test chamber, because the oils have a different flammability degree;
  2. The test compartment is built to ensure no direct contact between the inside test atmosphere and the heating circuit, in order to limit the oil contact with the heating components of the test compartment;

The impulse test bench is equipped with all the safety measures for the protection of operators and plant. The front doors are electrically locked and can be unlocked only if the system detects that there is no danger in the room (low/high temperature or high pressure in the pipes).

The software, designed and produced by opus automazione, allows to set the test parameters and generate the test report.

Opus automazione has been producing for 20 years test benches, both standard and on request

If you need to build a test bench or you would like to have more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your ideas could become reality thanks to our experienced engineers and technicians. In a claim:

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We made a video to show the test bench operation and its characteristics. An operator simulates all the test phases