Opus Corporate Social Responsability

Opus Automazione cares about the impact of its activities on society. We have adopted a code of ethics and conduct that support the company’s commitment to act with integrity and fairness in achieving its economic objectives.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Opus works hard to meet the expectations of stakeholders, such as staff, suppliers and the local community.In order to achieve total customer satisfaction, Opus has adopted the certified ISO 9001: 2015  quality management system. As a result of this our stakeholder relationships have been fortified due to our commitment to fairness, transparency and collaboration.

Opus is committed to maximising staff satisfaction by ensuring that all employees operate within a safe and stimulating work environment. We provide ongoing training and development for our workforce and continuously encourage open dialogue. We invest in our staff because we know that every employee plays an important part in the future of Opus. Our suppliers are our partners. Opus has always worked towards establishing long-lasting, commercial relationships based on the values ​​of mutual loyalty and trust.All staff are fully trained and informed about the health and safety issues related to their activities. We do this to meet the requirements as specified by our Health and Safety Management System which complies with OHSAS 18001: 2007 international standard.

Our company’s business activities have a significant impact on the local community. Due to this, opus automazione consciously engages in projects and research that develop the company and increase staff numbers.We place particular emphasis on developing our relationships with local authorities, in order to advance the region. This is why we collaborate with local non-profit organisations, such as Il Sole Onlus Foundation.