Head of Environment

Simone Gabbricci


    opus automazione designs, manufactures, installs and puts into service Fluid Analysis System, in emission and process, in both new and existing plants.

    We provide a scheduled and preventive maintenance service for analysis systems. As a result of running 24-hour customer service assistance, we ensure that all our clients are able to receive immediate assistance whenever needed, safeguarding them from potentially being out of service.

    Our assistance service is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is carried out on continuous monitoring systems of both onshore and offshore installations.

    Opus also provides a specialized assistance service to accredited laboratories for the QAL2 procedure in the plants subjected to UNI EN 14181, and conducts QAL3 verifications during the maintenance routine.

    The freedom to choose without any supply constraints allows Opus to be a valid system integrator that finds the most effective solution for each customer.

    Case History


    Gas Analysis

    opus automazione designs, manufactures, installs and maintains gaseous emissions monitoring systems in continuous atmosphere (CEMS), for plants of all sizes, complete with proprietary data acquisition and processing software ( DatiSME ).
    We create cutting edge systems for every plant we work with, based on the monitoring criteria set by current legislation. In addition to the specific requirements needed for each site, we evaluate the type and size of the installation, and use the most appropriate measurement principle.

    Opus also performs:

    • design, construction and installation of immissions analysis systems
    • process analysis (pollutants and accessory parameters)
    • design and construction of gas treatment and sampling systems
    • rental of portable and transportable systems
    • calibration of analyzers and linearity tests

    Water Analysis

    opus automazione creates online analysis systems for waste water and processing and skid for reagent dosing and analysis of control parameters.

    Other activities include:

    • Planning, construction, installation and maintenance of analysis systems for water purity and waste
    • Measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen, chlorides, phenols, ammonium etc.
    • System maintenance and remote assistance.

    Data acquisition software

    Every system of analysis conducted, be it emissions, immissions or fluids, can be accompanied by data acquisition and processing software, that is customized to meet client needs.

    DatiSME Software

    DatiSME is the environmental software developed internally by opus automazione engineers. DatiSME acquires and processes data from the monitoring systems, supervising the various users of the plant.
    DatiSME is set up to conduct the necessary processes that allow comparison of data acquired with that of the legal limits. The system is equipped with a module for managing QAL2 and QAL3, according to the parameters outlined by UNI EN 14181/2015.

    DatiSME functions

    • Monitoring and oversight of the various system users.
    • Collecting and logging instant measurements.
    • Calculation and logging of 10-minute, half-hour / hourly, daily and monthly averages.
    • Acquisition and archiving of alarms.
    • Standardization of the measurements with respect to oxygen, temperature, pressure and humidity with parameters required by law.
    • Comparison with legal limits and counting overruns and invalid data.
    • Module for managing QAL2 and QAL3 from UNI EN 14181/2015.
    • Module for reporting on instantaneous data, averages and parameter settings.



    Head of Environment

    Simone Gabbricci