Born from the idea of ​​four young technicians, opus automazione was founded in 1997. They wanted to create a company in Tuscany that serviced the industrial sector. Their primary aim was to develop projects of industrial automation and control. Each of the four partners has made an essential contribution to the development and growth of opus automazione. Stefano Batistini, a primary partner, as a result of his technical expertise and commercial know-how has significantly developed the company and brought in increasing numbers of international orders. Ines Brbic has made a significant contribution to the industrial automation sector: her engineering skills have led to the creation of industrial software, which have become leading products in today’s automation sector. Gabriele Cavicchioli plays an integral role at opus automazione. His expertise and skillset have launched our Defence and Test Benches sector to an international level. Simone Gabbricci is the team manager of the Environment division. His background in electronic systems has led to the growth of the division, which is a great source of pride for the company.

All four colleagues are management partners. This fact has led the company to increase its annual turnover as well as its human capital, in record time.

opus automazione took a significant progressive leap during 2009: one of the most difficult times in the Italian economy when the economic crisis began. Year-on-year the company continues to see considerable growth in its financial turnover and its employee numbers.


As a result of Opus strengthening its Field Testing and Diagnostics sector, and improving its strategic position in the market, a new headquarters was opened in 2011 in the Tuscan capital of Florence.

In 2013, opus automazione went on to strengthen its corporate positioning by transitioning from an S.r.l. into an S.p.A. This impacted the company’s decision to enhance its sectors by adding a “Non-Destructive Controls” and “Rentals and Servicing” division.

We offers services and technologically advanced products to both the national and international marketplace. We standardise and customise our offering according to the client’s needs whilst working in cooperation with our partners.

opus automazione is a systems integrator. It studies, plans, develops and implements high-tech industrial services based on specific customer needs.