Product NameOil pump durability test bench for car engines
SectorDefence and Test Benches

Project Description

The system performs speed, acceleration, pressure drop and temperature profiles, simulating real conditions to which the test piece is normally subjected.


Test Bench Configuration:

  • Carbon steel structure
  • Aluminum worktop for up to 8 pumps
  • Mechanical interfaces for pump support in aluminum / PTFE material
  • Pumps supply adjustable in voltage and current (max 18V / 40A)
  • 1 oil tank to test 200 liters
  • Possibility to include up to 2 manual regulation valves for each pump in test (total 16 valves)
  • 1 drip on the floor to collect oil leaks
  • Hydraulic circuit and completely insulated hydraulic components
  • 2 heating resistors and 1 oil / air heat exchanger for thermal cycles of the oil under test
  • 4 heads with LIN piloting and 4 heads with direct power supply and polarity inversion with static devices
  • 8 independent hydraulic circuits
  • 1 cabinet 2000x600x400 mm containing the control and regulation electronics and the power supplies
  • 1 data acquisition system