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Since February 5th 2015 the UNI EN 14181:2015came into force with the name “Stationary source emissions – Quality assurance of automated measuring systems”.

The regulation is the official version in English of the European standard EN 14181 (November 2014 edition) and replaces the UNI EN 14181: 2005. The European regulation specifies the procedures to establish quality assurance levels (QAL) for automated measuring systems (AMS) installed in industrial plants for the determination of the composition and other parameters of the gaseous effluents.

The regulation also states:

  • – A procedure (QAL2) to calibrate the AMS and determine the variability of the measured values, to demonstrate their suitability for their application, downstream of the installation;
  • A procedure (QAL3) to maintain and make clear the necessary quality of measures during normal functioning of AMS, by checking that the features of zero and span are set, as determined during QAL1;
  • – A procedure for the annual inspection (AST) of the AMS in order to evaluate (i) that it functions correctly and its performance remains valid and (ii) that its calibration function and variability remain constant.
  • The European regulation is designed to be used on AMS systems that are certified according to the European standards EN 1526.